Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How is the teaching program generally structured each semester over the 4 years appointment with IRACDA?
    See the Program page.
  • What are the teaching responsibilities? Is it more like guest lecturing in the first semesters, and then progresses into independent teaching?
    Although there may be some guest presentations, the fellow will primarily work as a full partner in teaching an undergraduate class, developing curriculum and research projects for undergraduates students at the partner institutions.
  • Who are the teaching partners? And what do they offer to the IRACDA fellows to succeed in their teaching?  
    The partner institutions are Henry Ford College and Eastern Michigan University.  See the Program page.  Most of the support for the program comes from NIH and the University of Michigan.  The partners institutions provide the teaching mentor and environment.
  • How can we decide on teaching mentor(s)?
    Part of the interview process includes meetings with members of the faculty of the partner institutions and program administrators in which everyone discusses their needs and the interviewee’s background in order to make a good match.
  • What are the distribution of the hours with teaching mentor to get proper training per semester?
    The program is designed to be 25% and 75% research over the course of the three to fours years, but this doesn’t mean there will be a certain number of hours in a week.  Rather there will be fluctuations based on the attention needed for the projects involved.